Designing Healthy Boundaries

At our health clinic, we work together very closely as a tight-knit team. As a team, we have seen it all and we have been through it all. Stressful days, weeks, and months only bring us closer together.

Amidst a global health crisis that has caused many people financial hardship and social isolation, our clinic has seen an increase in stress and loneliness among our patients. Humans are social creatures, and for many of us, the office is more than our place of work—it is where we spend a significant number of our waking hours. 

Free Man Sitting on Dental Chair Stock Photo

As the seasons change, so does our work. Like many organizations, our office was due for a redesign. We kept delaying the transformation due to the fact that we had to overcome several challenges. While many industries have the luxury of being able to distribute their employees remotely, healthcare requires the unique presence of in-person interaction among staff and between staff and patients. This meant that physical work in the office had to be done swiftly to ensure minimal downtime in our clinical operations. And whether it’s at dawn or dusk, we have to be totally focused on giving our patients the best form of care. We are first and foremost medical professionals who have to practice and perform care with accuracy and attentiveness, which leaves very little time and energy to focus on anything other than healthcare. Our office redesign project would have to be minimally taxing on our team. Moreover, none of us have interior design experience or knowledge, so we needed the best expertise to guide us. 

We discovered Creative Office Designs through a patient who mentioned to one of our nurses that he had recently bought new Office Furniture in Los Angeles. The patient seemed really happy with his new furniture and couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was to have a revamped working space. After reading online reviews, testimonials, and pictures, our clinic coordinator decided to book a consultation with one of the designers of Creative Office Design.

Our request was for a design plan that could quickly transform the space into one that created more separation between patient sections and clinic sections so that we could adhere to social distancing requirements. The designer suggested that new cubicles from their LA warehouse would be the fastest way to implement our vision. The cubicles were shipped and installed the very next day. 

Our previous office design did not have clear boundaries, which caused unnecessary stress between the doctors, nurses, technicians, and coordinators. The new cubicles allowed us to create healthy boundaries in our clinic, which immediately reduced tension and improved productivity among everyone in the office. It has also given us peace of mind to know that if we need another redesign in the future, the cubicles can be easily rearranged.

We are so grateful to Creative Office Design for their expertise, speed, and professionalism. We highly recommend that you call them if you are looking for new or used furniture and design consulting.