Our Budget-Friendly Health Office Redesign

Our offices advocate for and provide timely and preventative diagnostic tests for cancer and heart diseases. We are proud to have a team with experience and knowledge on some of the most important topics in health, science, and medicine.

That said, while we have expertise in preventing disease, we aren’t immune to them.

The global pandemic has put many organizations under immense pressure, plunging them into uncertainty and financial turmoil. Working from home may have its benefits, but it isn’t productive for everyone. As a result, many businesses have been desperate to bring their staff back to the office. The future is unclear; will we ever get back to the office?

Forbes reports that companies like JPMorgan are pushing for a return-to-office plan this year. However, they have had a history of trying to bring employees back to the office, only for surges in the virus to shift their plans. Meanwhile, companies like Google and Apple have a more relaxed policy, allowing their employees to remain working from home, while other companies are letting their employees decide. Society is still figuring out how to get back to normal.

Ever since the onset of the global pandemic, we knew that we wanted our offices to remain dedicated to providing patients access to health screening. Which meant that we needed to take further precautions to make our offices safe and functional. However, moving into a bigger office was simply not an option.

After careful consideration, we decided to look for office cubicles that could be purchased and delivered within Orange County. We were on a budget for both time and money. We wanted to keep our costs reasonable in case any further spending would be necessary for the future. We also couldn’t afford to have the office renovated; that would require too much downtime, and we were worried that any construction would spread debris onto our expensive lab equipment.

Modular Office Furniture

We discovered Creative Office Design, a Los Angeles-based furniture supplier and office designer. After reading glowing reviews, we enlisted their services to help us furnish our offices with more cubicles; the partitioning allows us to continue operating with the highest standards of hygiene while maintaining social distance. Their selection offered plenty of options for us to choose from. We were able to purchase used office furniture in Orange County. The second-hand furniture was in excellent condition and we were able to install the cubicles in just one day.

Person Holding Apple Magic Mouse

Office Cubicles Provide Function and Distance

The key to installing cubicles is to carefully plan the layout given your square footage. The goal is to maximize the space without disrupting the flow of traffic. We needed to give our lab technicians and lab equipment plenty of space. Luckily, Creative Office Design could accommodate our unique needs. With decades of years of experience in the office design and furnishing industry, their professionals offer on-site office planning, interior design, and new and used modular systems, workstations, and cubicles. We are very pleased with their services; the entire process was swift and seamless from beginning to end.

In turbulent times, organizations must safely adapt. If you are looking to revamp your office, you can give Creative Office Design a call today. 

Creative Office Design
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